A Little About the Introverted Homesteader

What might you find here?

Hi, I’m Danielle!

The answer to what mind you find here is well, a little of everything.  Recipes, joy, homesteading failures and successes, cute baby animal photos about sums it up!

I am the Introverted Homesteader.  Reclusive by nature, an old quiet soul living simply.  We’ve been building our homestead to increase our self-sufficiency and God dependency and it has been the most rewarding and soul healing experience.

I prefer nature, animals, my family, my plants and my own company over a social gathering any day.

I’m a homeschooling mama of two, married to my high school sweetheart, a 90’s girl, from the suburbs a lover of all things natural.  I spend my days tending to our little farm, raising two kids, crocheting, reading, and creating new recipes.  I live for gardening, the joy in hard work, dirty hands, and bringing to life all the plants I can grow here in Nevada.

A lover of knowledge I’m always trying to master a new skill, and share with others the soul healing benefits of living simply.  When I’m not tending to kids, the farm, or my plants you can find me curled up with a book.

Four years ago my restless soul and a desire to raise our kids in a different environment, led us to ditch California, and head to the quiet desert of Nevada with breath taking views of the Sierra Mountains.  We purchased a sad foreclosure on an acre and a half of land and spent the last 4 years working tirelessly on DIY remodeling, replenishing the soil, planting trees, and our self-reliance.  This once sad foreclosure has become my place of peace where we can raise our children to respect the food we raise, the land we live on, and love God who created us.

Despite being one of the most challenging climates to homestead in, I’ve quieted my restless soul through hard work, natural living, and homesteading.  We currently have an American Bully named Greta, Simon the farm cat, 15 chickens, and four ducks.  We’ve raised Miniature Belted Galloways, Alpine Goats, Jacob Sheep, a Berkshire Pig and a variety of chickens and ducks for meat to feed our family.

We currently raise Alpine and Nubian goats for our own home dairy.

Most days you can find me making yogurt, bread, soap, or some sort of new idea using our milk from Millie, our goat.  In spring time you can find tiny goat kids running around our pasture.

We work hard year round to provide our family with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Our greenhouse provides us with not only a head start on gardening each year, but with fresh food throughout the frigid winters in Northern Nevada.

Our goal with our homestead is to continue to enhance our self-reliance, raise healthy happy animals, teach our kids a different way of living, fill this desert climate with as many trees and plants as we can fit, all the while replenishing this sad, sandy soil.  Are you ready to start your homesteading journey, raise your own animals, live simply…ahem frugally, and enjoy the abundant life of living simply?  Follow along with me.




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